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PETROIL senior management, supervisors, employees and contractors will strive for business excellence through pursuit of these strategies.

1 Satisfying our Customer’s and Employees Expectations

  • We will work in a safe and healthy manner, to protect ourselves and the environment and to prevent disruption to the course of work being performed for the completion of each contract.
  • We will develop and implement effective Health, Safety and Environmental policies, strategies, objectives, plans, supervision, systems, procedures, training, audits and follow-up, for the purpose of preventing accidents, eliminating hazards and ensuring our health and well-being in the workplace.
  • We will comply with the safety requirements in place for that site or workplace, when we enter upon and work at his site.
  • We will be fit and able to perform the tasks needed to complete the product or service.
  • We will have care and concern for our own safety and well-being, and to those around us.

2 Conform to Contractual and Regulatory Requirements

  • We will work with our Customer to agree on specific requirements for Health, Safety and the Environment, to be incorporated into our contract. In most cases our Customer remains legally responsible for HSE issues at the workplace; however. Petroil employees will be expected to meet both Customer and  Petroil HSE guidelines.
  • We will always strive to identify, address and resolve all HSE issues.
  • Our Customer may indicate specific requirements for health, safety, environmental care - waste management and we will liaise, co-operate and comply with all reasonable requirements.

3 Deliver our Products and Services to the Right Place at the Right Time and Fit for Purpose

  • We will ensure that Health and Safety issues, which may impede successful delivery of the product or service, are identified, addressed and resolved.
  • We will ensure that environmental issues, which may impede successful delivery of the product or service, are identified, addressed and resolved.

4 Prevent Hazards to our Employees, Users and the Public


The Company believes in no harm to people and to the environment, to achieve this objective and reduce accidents and incidents:

  • We will proactively identify, analyze, address and eliminate hazards through systematic risk analysis.
  • We will create a safe, healthy and stimulating workplace appropriate to the class of work being performed.
  • We will exercise our statutory duty of care to our employees, contractors, customers and their employees and contractors, and to the public.
  • We will be socially responsible in everything that we do and avoid doing anything which may harm others, or the environment.

5 Pursuit of Excellence in Everything We Do

  • We will endeavor to extend our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental program beyond the letter of specifications, contracts or statutory requirements.
  • We will actively work with our Customers towards eliminating hazards and risks.
  • We will strive for an incident free workplace.
  • We will seek to continuously improve our Health and Safety technologies, management systems, practices and procedures to pursue total prevention and compliance.
  • We will actively work with our Customers to eliminate hazards or risks to the environment and where appropriate, develop effective rehabilitation processes.
  • We will strive for a clean environmental record and a reputation for care and concern.
  • We will seek to continuously improve our environmental technologies, management systems, practices and procedures to pursue total prevention and compliance.

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